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Are you just starting out on the wellness journey? Or are you an already seasoned traveller looking to up-level your health skill set?

Wherever you are, In Balance wellness and weight loss programs are dedicated to helping you significantly enhance your ability to gain happiness and health. With the right tools, investing in the health of your body, mind and spirit is one of the most rewarding things you can do. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing in the grocery store, kitchen and gym (or between the ears) it can be one of the most frustrating time, money and energy wasters out there.

Fortunately, In Balance’s wellness and weight loss programs are entirely dedicated to helping you gain the Motivation, discover the Mindset and develop the Mastery to take your overall wellness – or the wellness of your entire family – to an exciting new level.

In Balance is all about you stepping out of the realm of mediocre health and into the realm of magnificence! Our programs are about you eating real food, developing your best, real body and achieving real health. It’s about transforming your life, your family’s life and the world through a commitment to emotional and physical wellness.



Generally done over 12 weeks, this 8 module online or in-person, adult or family program provides everything you need to move yourself or your family toward a happy, healthy state of increased energy, balanced moods, better concentration and appropriate body weight. Motivate gives you what you need to immediately cut through confusion and start gaining health and decreasing excess weight. Click to purchase the Motivate version that’s right for you today and discover:

  • Every step of the wellness journey in manageable stages
  • Simple tools to walk you through a mild dietary sugar-free cleanse
  • Less but smarter exercise guidelines
  • Attitude and emotion tips that allow you to banish both cravings and comfort food binges

Let us inspire you today for better health tomorrow!


When you have completed Motivate, have In Balance information down pat and have plenty of courage to tackle lifestyle change but keep bumping up against mental road blocks on the way to your wellness goals, let Mindset support you in following through on the things you say are important to you:

  • Sticking to the game plan.
  • Knowing you have the mental strength to put “good for you” foods in your mouth, day after day.
  • Believing that taking extraordinary care of the people you love, includes taking extraordinary care of you.
  • $2497CN

    Happy, Healthy Adults (in-person or virtual sessions) $2497CN + taxes

    With Mindset, In Balance’s most mentally in-depth program, you will …

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  • $2497CN

    Happy, Healthy Kids (in-person or virtual sessions) $2497CN + taxes

    When kids or teens are in the picture, Mindset, In Balance’s most …

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Taken after Motivate and Mindset, In Balance‘s Mastery program looks at what propels you toward more complete and integrated wellness. In 15 sessions over 16 weeks, Mastery blends seven weeks of in-depth development of BALANCE principles with eight weeks of evaluating where you are in regard to perspective, failure, courage, excuses and dreams  and helps you discover what’s holding you back from further growth.

  • $2997CN

    Happy, Healthy Adults (in-person or virtual sessions) $2997CN + taxes

    With Mastery, In Balance’s most comprehensive wellness program, …

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  • $2497CN

    Happy, Healthy Kids (in-person or virtual sessions) $2997CN + taxes

    Mastery is also beneficial in a family setting, with me working …

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Fully personalized coaching programs offered in lengths of 3, 6 or 12 months. Because everyone starts their wellness journey from a different place, this completely individualized coaching program taps into and makes use of my extensive experience and education to meet you exactly where you are.  Using tools and information to support both physical as well as emotional wellness, the coaching will help you progress through to whatever heights you are willing to reach for and will allow for much joy along the way. Contact me to discuss pricing options…