About Make it Count

Make it Count Wellness was built on passion for health and a desire to share the tools that create optimal wellness. When bodies and minds are strong and healthy, dreams become reality.

We believe that the more people who live inspired and happy lives, the better this planet will be. Everyone, however, needs help along the path to becoming their best selves. Make it Count Wellness can be your support, regardless of where you are on your journey.

There will always be many sources telling us we can’t, but if you choose to partner with people who say that you can, positive results will be your reward.

Most of us will only try to achieve something that we believe is possible. Remember that for every health condition or emotional issue, someone has a story of overcoming that struggle. Hold on to that story… and let’s move forward to the best possible version of you!

Our mission is to provide education on preventative wellness and empower individuals and families to regain their health once it is lost. Our children deserve to grow up in bodies that are healthy and strong. With proper education that goal can be a reality!